Gifted 2003 late submitted papers and PowerPoint presentations


The conference proceedings were published on a CD prior to the conference. Following are late submitted papers and PowerPoint Presentations that presenters are willing to share.

Australian readers if you wish to order a conference CD please use the order form. Overseas please email for further information.

Amini Marzieh Identifying Stressors and Reactions to Stressors in Gifted and Nongifted Students

PowerPoint presentation

Chow Alan Ping-yan

Giftedness and the Creativity of Disaffected Students


Chow Alan Ping-yan

Tapping the potential of the gifted in inclusive education: Implications to school improvement in Hong Kong


Dracup Tim

A four year report on United Kingdom strategies: The GATE Project and National Academy

PowerPoint presentation

Gagne Francóys

Gagne’s Ten (or More) Commandments of Gifted Education

PowerPoint presentation

Jarvis Anne

The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra Education Program


Kline Bruce E

Personal Responsibility: An essential facet for gifted development

PowerPoint presentation

Maria Conceição Gomes

A program for gifted and talented students: Family involvement in a more flexible approach

PowerPoint presentation

Ryan Maree J.

Virtual Curriculum Meeting the Needs of Students of High Intellectual Potential

Paper  PowerPoint presentation

Simmons Virginia

Improving Students Results:  The alignment of gifted education to national or state standards

PowerPoint presentation

van Bavel Sally E

Thinking: The process as content

PowerPoint presentation

Wagner Harald

Challenging Gifted Pupils in Residential Summer Programmes: A German success story

PowerPoint presentation

Wills Lee

Have you Asked Them?

PowerPoint Presentation

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