Committee Members and

Invited Speakers




World Council for Gifted and
Talented Children

Prof. Klaus K. Urban, President
University of Hanover, Germany
Janice A. Leroux, Vice President
University of Ottawa, Canada
Maria McCann, Secretary
Flinders University of South Australia
Shirley Kokot, Treasurer
University of South Africa
Sandra Kaplan, Member
University of Southern California, USA
Den-Mo Tsai, Member
Kaohsiung Normal University, Taiwan
Taisir Subhi Yamin, Member
Fulbright, Al al-Bayt University, Jordan

Local Organising Committee

Ann Matison

Sue Urban

Maria McCann

Rob Bulfield

Other Members



President, Gifted and Talented Children’s Association of SA

World Council Executive

Sapro Conference Management

Ann Belmont
Janet Farrall
Mary Minchin
Fran Southern
Nicki Smith
Robyn Collins
Stephen Heading
Francesca Peel
Wendy Stewart
Gloria Acton

Academic Committee

Maria McCann
Arthur Cropley
Janet Farrall
Ann Matison
M.Ed.Sp.Ed Chairperson

Invited Speakers

Dr Katherine Hoekman,
University of New South Wales, Australia
Dr Barbara Clark,
California State University, USA
Dr Sandra Kaplan,
University of Southern California, USA
Prof. Shi Jiannong,
Institute of Psychology,
Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
Graeme Koehne, Composer,
University of Adelaide, South Australia
James Koehne, Artistic Director,
Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, South Australia
Tom March, Web Educator,, Australia